It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

My name's Jess and I'm a Cast Member at Walt Disney World.

hanging with the manliest man i know

Anonymous said: Hi! Is it fun being a cast member? would you recommend it?

Hi there, yes it’s a blast! It can be equally as challenging as it is rewarding, but I love it.

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Jango Fett by Dave Kliment | ExploringWDW on Flickr.
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train by lovedisneylife on Flickr.
Studios2_May2014 by DisneyBiker (David K Strom) on Flickr.
Cinderella Color Castle by TheTimeTheSpace on Flickr.
Maleficent by disneylori on Flickr.
Maleficent in Dragon by Scottwdw on Flickr.
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